My name is Meaghan and I'm a 2008 Graduate from the New England Institute of Art in Boston. I've worked very hard to get where I am today in my career... from posting "Free Graphic Design Services" ads on Craigslist in 2007 to the Senior design level I've reached today. I've held positions I've loved and others not so much. One thing has remained constant: I've always loved the people.

Prior to graduating, I began doing freelance work (a majority of it being pro-bono projects) in order to build my portfolio. Along that path I realized that getting a job was a lot like building your credit: you weren't given the opportunity to build it until you had more experience, but no one wanted to give you that experience to build it. It's for this reason that I used my drive to get my hands on as much work as I could. Along the way I built great relationships with many people who continue to remain in my life.

If I had to choose one element of design I'm most passionate about, it would absolutely be typography. Even before I knew what Graphic Design was, I was demonstrating typography in hand-written form, unaware of what it was. I'm a huge fan of "less is more" and am a believer in that the right typographic treatment can truly make or break a design. 

As for my character, I've got a lot of it. I'm extremely authentic, diligent, and some may say addicted to sports (I tell my mom there are worse things to be addicted to, right?). I absolutely love people which I believe has also played a large role in where I am in my career. In my free time I like to listen to music, hike, catch up with friends, walk my two pups, and watch sports. I'm looking for an opportunity where I can surround myself with good people, and that will allow me the opportunity to continue to grow personally and professionally. At the end of the day, we all just want to love what we do. I'm no exception.